**Please do not attempt to create a second account.

                                   The system will lock you out.


                               Seasonal Registration Dates: 

                     Fall  05/10/21-9/30/21

                   Winter 10/2/21-03/06/22

                   Spring 1/28/22-3/5/22

                         ABSEGAMI ATHLETICS

                                        * Submit the  Online Registration Form. 

                                      Click on “View My Account” upper right hand corner (Blue Button)

     Go to “New User” if and only if no one in your family (including you) has played a sport at Absegami 

       in the last 4 years.

  If you or a family member has participated before, you already have an account and cannot create another one. 

          Create your family account (used for everyone in your house) and proceed to registration

***Please write down and remember the email you used, the user name and password you entered. 

         It will be used every year and season you participate in athletics at Absegami High School.

      Click on “Returning User” if you already have an account and log in. There is a “forgot password” option if you need it.

                                 When registration is completed correctly, you will receive a pop-up that says:

                                                   “Thank you. We have received your submitted form.”

* Print blank Physical Form HERE Please do not upload Pictures of Physicals they are unreadable.
   Athletes must have a current qualifying (State forms) sports physical exam

   on file in the Nurses Office.

* Download Rothman Baseline Impact Consent form (Freshman & Juniors)  HERE.

Download Travel Release Form-(if not riding the bus home from an event)

     Must be submitted to Athletic Office at least the day before the event.

     Must have the names of people the student is allowed to ride with.

     Please indicate "All Events" if needed for the whole season.